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to download
the Windows TrueType fonts. (TTF zip-files)

Sophia Regular zip
Sophia Bold zip
Sophia Italic zip
Sophia BoldItalic zip

Metanoia Regular zip
Metanoia Bold zip
Metanoia Italic zip
Metanoia BoldItalic zip

Die Links unter den Bildern anklicken, um die Windows TrueType fonts herunterzuladen. (TTF zip-files)

Philos Regular zip
Philos Bold zip
Philos Italic zip
Philos BoldItalic zip

For commercial use please contact me for an arrangement!

e-mail Lutz Baar

For small business use you could buy an art-item of mine in exchange for the use of my fonts.

Look here: Lutz Baar FineArtPrints

I regard all kind of use for shools, anthroposophical- or biodynamic enterprises as non-commercial.

Looking for my professional
fonts at Linotype Library,
especially my
Atlantis font?
go here

Sorry, I can´t give you any support concerning possible downloading or installation problems. (First step is to un-zip them!) You have to ask a computerskilled friend of yours.

FAQ: No, there are no Mac fonts

Welcome to these aid-fonts for downloading!
Pictorial fontdesign by Lutz Baar. PC-fonts only.

Weg mit Times, Arial und Verdana!
Bildhafte Schriften von Lutz Baar
für Windows.

What are Aid-fonts?
These fonts are donation-ware. Downloading a font and testing it is free of charge. If you later actually use a font for private, cultural or non-commercial printing/webdesign you are invited to donate 15 US$ per font to an Aid-institution of your choice and initiative (Child-Aid, Red Cross etc - there are no links for payment on this homepage). Thank you!

Was sind Aid-fonts?
Diese Fonts sind Donation-ware. Herunterladen für Testzwecke kostet nichts. Wenn du später tatsächlich einen Font für private, kulturelle oder nicht-kommerzielle Zwecke (Druck oder Webdesign) einsetzt, bitte eine Spende von 10 EURO per Font an eine wahlfreie Aid-Institution schicken (Kinder-Hilfe, Rotes Kreuz etc. - auf dieser Hompage gibt es keine Links für Bezahlung). Danke!


Before downloading,
please read about the conditions of using these Aid-fonts!

For commercial use please contact me for an arrangement.

At the bottom of this page you´ll find samples of all the Aid-fonts and their download links.

The only available font format is TrueType for PC Windows.

The fonts are zipped! You have to unzip them after downloading!